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Lava Hot Springs, Solar Project

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
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Gem County Engineer

Gem County, Idaho

City, County, and District Engineering
Keller Associates provides professional engineering, surveying, and consulting services for local municipalities. Our work includes asset management grant applications, surveying, engineering design services, staff augmentation, and training.

Alternative Energy
You need a diverse energy portfolio to keep up with today’s growing energy demands. Our team provides durable energy solutions that incorporate solar, wind, hydro, and methane power generation.

Sustainable Design
Concepts like sustainable design, resource recovery, green infrastructure, and energy efficiency are here to stay. We bring these ideas to life through our planning and design processes. We are experienced in LEED design and projects and believe sustainable practices are in the best interests of our clients.

Industrial Infrastructure
Keller Associates has designed and implemented a huge variety of industrial infrastructure, including water pumping and storage, electrical control, supervisory control and data acquisition, truck and rail infrastructure, wastewater management, conveyor belt systems, silting basins, and bathymetric surveys.

We use multiple types of geographic information systems (GIS) to help our clients manage their infrastructure. Our GIS databases can be integrated into computer-aided design systems (CAD) to create 2D and 3D images for better planning. We also use GIS for asset management, utility mapping, capital infrastructure planning, and facilities maintenance and design.

3D Modeling and Visualization
Keller Associates uses the latest CAD software to develop three-dimensional models of our designs. We’re well versed in both vector-based graphics used in traditional drafting and raster graphics that showcase designs in relationship to their surroundings. Our figures, exhibits, and images communicate important aspects of planning, design, and construction — and they’ll help you understand how your project will look as it comes to life.

Public Engagement
Community engagement is key to the success of any public project. We frequently represent our clients during public sessions and have coordinated the public engagement response on their behalf, as well. We hold workshops with key decision makers, foster public involvement through education, engage community members and groups, handle input from stakeholders, and hold public open houses. We take public comments seriously and work with decision makers to select the best way forward for the community.

Project Funding Administration
We know that your project can’t move forward without a steady source of funding. Our certified grant administrators work with federal and state sources to secure and administer funding for projects, including grant applications and low-interest loans.