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ITD-US-95, Wyoming Avenue to Ohio Match Road


US-95, Wyoming Avenue to Ohio Match Road VisualizationLocated in Northern Idaho, the US 95, Wyoming Ave to Ohio Match Rd project was a five-mile section of two-lane highway with 20,000 ADT. The existing two-lane section of highway connected to four-lane sections to the north and the south.  The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) desired to close the “gap” between the existing four-lane divided section near Wyoming Ave and the four-lane undivided section north of Ohio Match Rd. The project was split into two segments: Wyoming Avenue to SH-53 and SH-53 to Ohio Match Rd. The two segments were constructed within budget for a combined total of $18 million (excluding frontage roads).

Keller Associates was the prime consultant for both segments. There were many challenges for the Keller team including the need for innovative solutions using an accelerated schedule. Unique or unusual design elements included multi-phased traffic control and staging plans, new access control measures, a very large signal bridge at the skewed and confined intersection of SH-53, a reinforced soil slope, a special culvert to divert seasonal channel overflow to the roadside borrow ditch and a new low rise box culvert, snow storage and storm water retention facilities, and access management onto US 95.

Keller Associates delivered the divided four-lane highway design packages including plans, special provisions, and cost estimate that provided a cost-effective solution and met the purpose and need of the project. Except for geotechnical engineering, Keller Associates provided all design services which included geometric layout, traffic control, traffic signal, hydraulic design, right-of-way plan development, and public involvement.  Interchange layouts were also developed at the intersection with Lancaster Road, which may be built in the future.

Frontage roads paralleling the highway were added in certain sections.  Construction on all stages including frontage roads were completed in 2012.

Keller Associates also provided construction services during the two-season construction schedule, aiding ITD with submittal reviews and other requests from the contractor.