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University of Idaho, Stadium Drive


University of Idaho Stadium DriveThe north end of the University of Idaho, Moscow Campus accesses State Highway 8 / W. Pullman Highway in three locations. The east and west access roads, S. Line Street and W. Perimeter Drive, are signalized intersections. The middle access road, S. Rayburn Street, is an unsignalized mid-block intersection. Since S. Rayburn Street is unsignalized the intersection provides insufficient capacity for traffic to exit onto State Highway 8 during events held at the ASUI Kibbie Dome Activity Center and Hartung Theatre. Also, the lack of a signal for pedestrian crossing at the intersection has led to pedestrians and bicyclists crossing five lanes of traffic unprotected, resulting in several pedestrian-vehicle accidents.

The project included the construction of a traffic signal on State Highway 8, excavation of a new bypass channel for Paradise Creek, two new cast-in-place bridges (one over Paradise Creek and one over the excavated bypass channel), bicycle and pedestrian pathways, street lighting, a portion of a 30-inch dry sewer trunkline, landscaping, and irrigation. The project also included the abandonment of a portion of railroad tracks, a pedestrian bridge, and a 10-inch diameter 350-foot deep potable water well and building.

The project was coordinated with the four funding partners (the State of Idaho Division of Public Works, University of Idaho, City of Moscow, and Idaho Transportation Department).