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Pocatello, Spaulding Booster Station Replacement


Spaulding Booster Station ReplacementKeller Associates provided the predesign, design, and construction administration for the Spaulding Booster Station Replacement project that services the East Bench area of Pocatello.

Construction Cost: $1,500,000
Project Features:
  • Planning efforts included surge wave modeling and review of historical SCADA data
  • Dynamic pumping pressure of 260 psi
  • Four soft start vertical turbine pumps with a combined capacity of 4,400 GPM
  • A 2,000-gallon bladder surge tank housed inside of the booster station to mitigate pressure surges in the discharge piping
  • The pumps can each be isolated for maintenance and serviced without affecting the overall operation of the station
  • Electrical and SCADA controls
  • An automatic 800 kW standby generator housed inside of the booster station