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Burley, North Overland Road


North Overland RoadSH-27 known locally as North Overland Avenue cuts through the heart of an important regional business district in Burley, Idaho. The corridor has direct access to Interstate 84 to the north, and extends south over the Snake River to downtown Burley. The commercial and retail hub serves many Idaho communities and rural areas throughout the Mini-Cassia region.

The roadway was plagued with several deficiencies. Most notable was the close proximity of frontage roads – the offset varied as little as 12 feet, which created problems and confusion at intersections. Motorists, especially out-of-towners, had difficulty understanding proper traffic movements and circulation patterns. Delays and congestion occurred at certain locations. The corridor lacked adequate pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Overall, safety was a concern along with meeting the needs of growing traffic volumes and new development.

Keller Associates, as the prime consultant, used a comprehensive public involvement process to help identify the problems, vet multiple alternatives, and identify solutions. Issues were discussed through a series of local Technical Advisory Committee meetings, property owner sessions, and public meetings. Models were created using VISSIM that visually showed the performance of alternatives – these tools helped communicate engineering ideas to the public.

Ultimately, a solution that was sensitive to business and property access concerns, while promoting mobility and safety along the corridor was conceived. A six lane roadway was constructed with a wide, raised median that prevents turning and crossing movements, but allows U-turns at controlled intersections and uses a dedicated lane for access. The Idaho Transportation Department worked in partnership with the City of Burley and the Keller Associates’ team. Total costs were $4.8 million.

Keller Associates guided the project from concept through PS&E, and provided construction services as the Engineer of Record. Keller Associates provided design services including: roadway, traffic signal, drainage, landscaping and irrigation, signing and pavement marking, construction traffic control, right-of-way, and water and sewer relocation designs. Geotechnical and environmental services were provided by subconsultants.