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Nampa, NPDES Stormwater Phase II Permitting

Stormwater System Assessment:

Keller Associates provided a Storm Water Management Regulatory Assessment to the City of Nampa.   This assessment took a “snapshot” of Nampa’s existing storm water programs, regulations, policies, and activities in order to characterize existing capabilities and to identify actions needed to comply with federal storm water requirements.  The report summarized the findings and recommended additional actions to comply with Section 402(p) of the Clean Water Act that requires actions to address municipal storm water discharges through the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit process.  This report also addressed the requirements of the Lower Boise River and Brownlee-Snake River Total Maximum Daily Loads.

(TMDLs) as they apply to the City. The report included identifying and mapping waters of the United States and the storm water discharge locations to the waters of the United States.

NPDES Permitting:

Keller Associates also prepared the EPA NPDES permit application. The permit included the Nampa City Storm Water Management Plan, describing existing programs and activities plus additional actions that the City would take to comply with the federal storm water regulations. The plan addresses each of the six minimum control measures and describes best management practices (BMPs) that will be implemented during the course of the permit term.