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McCall, Redevelopment Improvements


Keller Associates is the Agency Engineer for the McCall Redevelopment Agency. Keller provided concept design,
construction documents and administration for the 2010 Improvement Project adjacent to Payette Lake.

The project is located on the lake front adjacent to Legacy Park. During summer weekends and holidays severe
pedestrian and vehicle circulation problems, including conflicts with vehicles towing boats, occur. Therefore, the
project goals were to provide safe routes for pedestrians to travel from the new parking lot to Legacy Park and to
the boat launch.

Keller Associates led the concept design over a four-month period, working hand-in-hand with the McCall Urban
Renewal Agency board members, City staff, and adjacent property owners. Public involvement included evaluations
of multiple concept designs and circulation study.

Project Features:
  • ADA pathways and sidewalks
  • Roadway design
  • Parking lot design
  • Roadway illumination
  • Stormwater “rain gardens”
  • Sustainable design