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Kuna, MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant


This new 2.9 MGD wastewater treatment plant includes screening, grit removal, membrane bioreactors (MBR), UV disinfection, and storage and dewatering facilities. In total, there are 10 unique structures; steel, concrete, and masonry.

Cost: $30,000,000
Services Provided:
  • The entire treatment plant design including process, mechanical, structural, piping, site work, etc.
Project Features:
  • This facility is the largest MBR wastewater treatment facility in the State of Idaho
  • Multiple structural elements were used in the design of the project; masonry, timber, steel and concrete
  • A state -of-the art CAD system was used in developing construction documents
  • Design of structural elements was accomplished by in-house computer programs and state of the art modeling software
  • Concrete containment basins over 25 feet deep
  • Steel building incorporated use of three-ton crane