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Jerome, Wastewater Treatment Plant


The City of Jerome was under an EPA compliance schedule due to repeated NPDES violations that included plant upsets and sanitary sewer overflows. Keller Associates was hired to assist the City in meeting an expedited schedule to bring the plant into compliance. The first step was a comprehensive evaluation of the treatment process, SCADA, and staffing. Evaluation of disposal options ensured compliance with existing and anticipated NPDES permits, including updated criteria for phosphorous and ammonia. One of the unique challenges Jerome’s wastewater system faces is addressing the large industrial loads that make up more than half of the plant’s flow and up to 80% of the load. Keller Associates worked with industries and the City to implement industrial pretreatment solutions. Keller Associates is now supporting the City in implementing improvements at the City’s wastewater treatment plant.

The overall project budget for the improvements is $35.8 million, and includes the following:

  • Headworks improvements
  • New biotower lift station
  • Primary clarifier
  • Additional biological capacity with enhancement for nutrient removal
  • Membrane and UV expansion
  • Solids handling with thickening, anaerobic digestion, and dewatering