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Clarkston, Wastewater Treatment Plant


The City of Clarkston WWTP was faced with the challenge of aging infrastructure and meeting new NPDES limits. Keller Associates completed a facilities planning study for the plant to identify specific needs and formulate recommended solutions. Keller Associates evaluated ammonia removal and optimization of the activated sludge process, completed a capacity analysis for both the biological process and hydraulic flow, developed recommendations for eliminating bottlenecks in the facility, and provided a capital improvement plan that details future upgrades. Keller Associates subsequently completed the design of recommended improvements. As part of design services, specific equipment recommendations, remodeling modifications, and site layout and improvements were coordinated with the City.

Project Cost: $13,888,000
Project Features:

New lift station and headworks, anoxic basins, a new aeration basin, upgrades to the existing aeration basin, blower and pump upgrades, a new secondary clarifier, upgrades to the existing secondary clarifier, a new UV system, digester upgrades, thickening facilities, dewatering upgrades, new electrical buildings, and a new conference room.