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BYU-Idaho, Central Quad


BYU-Idaho Central QuadKeller Associates worked closely with the Owner (BYU-Idaho) and Architect (FFKR Architects) to modify the 1.30 acres +/- Central Quad Area located between the Manwaring Student Center and the McKay Library. This major modification transformed a grassy area overgrown by shrubbery into an amphitheater that is inviting, modern, utilized, and beneficial to the BYU-Idaho student body.

With a design that hearkens to the original Greek Amphitheaters, the area incorporates a trellis constructed of reclaimed wood from the abandoned railway across the Great Salt Lake. Retaining walls were designed to incorporate areas for seating with lawn mow strips between, which softens the visual aspect and makes the area more inviting. Keller Associates designed the majority of the improvements except for the trellis, landscaping, and lighting.

The Central Quad is used as a gathering area for music concerts, plays, outdoor movies, study, socialization, and relaxation. With strategically placed monuments signifying study, a true feeling of instruction, and learning is achieved.

Services Provided:
  • Site surveying and engineering
  • Site surveying and engineering
  • Retaining walls/seating areas, stairs
  • Planters and concrete flatwork
  • Landscaping and lighting coordination
  • Unique curved trench drains