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Bellevue, Wastewater Treatment Plant


Facing the challenge of inadequate lagoon capacity and effluent quality, the City selected Keller Associates to evaluate alternatives for correcting the deficiencies. Working with the Mayor, Council, and an active Citizens Advisory Committee, various alternative treatment options were evaluated and a small footprint MBR plant was selected.

Cost: $5,930,000
Services Provided:
  • Facilities planning study, bond election support, design, construction administration, and plant startup
Project Features:
  • Treatment capacity of 0.5 MGD that is expandable to 0.7 MGD (1,300 to 1,820 EDUs)
  • The City chose membrane bioreactor technology for small footprint and high effluent water quality. On less than 5 acres the City can quadruple its wastewater treatment capacity
  • Membrane and other process equipment was provided by GE/Zenon
  • The majority of the facility is enclosed inside a steel structure for ease of O&M during winter
  • This facility replaces the City’s existing lagoons and delivers effluent below 5.0 mg/L total nitrogen before discharging treated effluent to rapid infiltration basins or land application