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Bathymetric Surveying


With the HyDrone RCV and Hydrolite-TM echosounder, Keller Associates is able to provide hydrographic surveying and mapping of lakes, rivers, and ponds of various sizes and depths. We can map shallow water areas as well as bodies of water up to 250 feet deep, including water bodies that are unique to industrial and municipal applications where manned vessel access is difficult or risky. The Hydrolite-TM together with survey grade GNSS GPS systems provides a portable, integrated hydrographic tool that is adaptable to any vessel in the fleet.

Services Available:
  • Industrial ponds, water volumes and by-product profiles
  • Municipal ponds, sludge depth profiles
  • Surveys for hydraulic modeling
  • Surveys for new structure construction
  • Surveys for pipeline and cable routing
  • Surveys to monitor sedimentation