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Amity City Engineering


Keller Associates is the City Engineer-of-Record providing day-to-day support for operation of the water and wastewater systems as well as providing development plan reviews.  Complementing the day to day municipal engineering is the master planning, design and construction administration support services provided by Keller Associates.

Keller Associates provided design services for the recent wastewater treatment plant upgrade project.  Keller Associates’ portion of the wastewater treatment plant design project consisted of preliminary and final design of the new headworks lift station and screening infrastructure.  Keller Associates also held responsibility for the structural aspects of the headworks design as well as the tertiary filter structure.  Work on this project involved coordinating specifications and design documents with two other consulting firms, sharing responsibility of designing other portions of the project as well as coordinating with the City Engineer at the time acting as the overall design manager.

Keller Associates also provided water system master planning services.  One unique aspect of the planning services was the GPS and GIS deliverables.  The deliverables included the construction of a GIS system database that will handle the water system mapping and maintenance tracking.  Keller Associates helped secure GPS equipment and training for allowing city staff to survey all their city assets.  The GIS services provided as a part of this project will act as a springboard to further develop the City’s GIS database in other infrastructure areas.  Keller Associates provided other planning services such as hydraulic computer modeling, existing condition assessments, capital improvement plan, financial analysis, water quality analysis, corrosion control plan, leak detection, and reservoir cleaning.