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We come to work knowing we’re making a difference. If you can’t say that about your job, it might be time to come to Keller.

Want to know why working at Keller Associates is a good bet? We’ll tell you.

Because what we do matters.

Everything we do improves lives. We’re not puffing ourselves up — it’s the truth. Our work affects our communities, our clients, our people, and our families for the better. When we talk about building infrastructure, we’re really talking about building the heart and soul of the community.

Because we’re all about opportunity.

We expect our employees to go above and beyond for our clients, and in return we do the same for our employees. Our growth strategy is based on the belief that continued opportunities and challenges benefit our people and make our company better. You’ll always have opportunities and chances to advance here.

Peter Olsen’s “Opportunity” Story
Peter Olsen started as an EIT in our Meridian office, applying what he learned in college to real-life projects to develop a strong footing in engineering. He was a whiz as a project engineer on design projects and actively engaged in his studies, design, and construction services. In fact, he did so much real-life work that passing his PE exam was a breeze.

After passing the exam, he shadowed senior PMs, gave presentations to city councils, participated in proposals, and developed project management skills while staying active in engineering. Over the next few years, he amassed a solid foundation of knowledge across multiple skills and set his sights on a new goal: Opening Keller’s office in Salem, Oregon. We backed him 100%.

Today, Peter is still wearing multiple hats as our Salem leader. He’s a Project Manager, the Salem Office Manager, and a shareholder here at Keller.

You can walk your own unique path, too.

Because we’re here for the life of your career.

We’re not going anywhere. We don’t want you to go anywhere, either. We want you to have a flourishing, rewarding career here at Keller so you can contribute to the success of the company as you grow and change. We want to celebrate with you at your retirement party. We mean it.

At Keller Associates, we honor our longtime employees in the Hall of Fame. All team members are eligible, regardless of position. As Keller matures, our Hall of Fame grows.

Susan Burnham’s “Hall of Fame” Story
Susan Burnham was Keller’s go-to person during her 16 years at the Meridian Office. Everyone wanted to work with Susan. Before joining Keller, she had more than 25 years of experience — she was one of the first women PEs in the state of Idaho. Her engineering excellence, reliability, and leadership led to a position as a trusted member of our board of directors.

We were sad to see her retire, but she stays connected with us still. You can find her working part time when she’s not traveling or pursuing her many interests.

Think you’ll retire at your current job? If not, come join us — we’re here for the life of your career.