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We’ve built a team of people who are like-minded in their goals and diverse in their talents. That works to our advantage — we’re never limited by someone’s title or department. Ultimately, no matter our specialties, our values are the same: respect for people, budgets, time, and community.

Jim Mullen, part of our leadership team, shows us how work/life balance is done.

Many members of our leadership team have been with Keller for decades. Meet the people who can help you take your project from concept to concrete.



Rod Linja, PE, President

Years with Keller Associates: More than 20 years.

Out of the office: Biking (any type – mountain, road, city), skiing, fire pits, mountains, outdoor music, enjoying the flourishing microbrewery scene, and the Vandals!

Fun facts: I love traveling off the beaten path and exploring cultures. I’m an empty nester — kids are either at college or graduated — so I get to spend time with my rock star dietitian wife. I’m on the University of Idaho, College of Engineering Advisory Board. I believe that you should do what you say, that people are good, and that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.

I also have a cool T-shirt collection.

Work history and expertise: I’ve had many, many roles throughout my 30-year career – design engineer, resident engineer, utilities engineer, project manager, transportation discipline leader, vice president, president, board member, strategic director, and cultural warrior.

Jim Mullen, PE, Vice President

Years with Keller Associates: Almost 20 years.

Out of the office: I like fly fishing for big fish. Skiing deep powder. Chasing four kids. Making things better.

Fun facts: My passions are water and competition.

Favorite quote: “Many of us would probably be better fishermen if we did not spend so much time watching and waiting for the world to become perfect.” — Norman Maclean

Work history and expertise: I worked for a firm in Denver that specialized in water and wastewater treatment before moving to Keller Associates in 2000 to open our Pocatello office. My focus is on improving lives by helping communities and the environment — I want us all to have cleaner and safer water. Here at Keller, I want to develop a company that is a destination for employees and clients.

David R. Kinzer, PE, SE, PLS, Vice President - Chief Engineer

Years with Keller Associates: 20 years.

Out of the office: I enjoy metal lathe work and model planes. I’m also a great ballroom dancer.

Fun facts: I built my own computer and TV. I can repair anything and everything myself, including vehicles and appliances. A while back, I developed a process to install and anchor continuous rail for railroad with concrete ties. The process and anchor system are still used today.

Work history and expertise: I’ve spent the past 40 years as a consulting engineer. I have engineering expertise in almost all areas of service that Keller provides to clients, including civil, transportation, structural, hydraulics, mechanical, and surveying. I also developed a new valve control system for a unique pumping application.

Larry Rupp, PE, Principal - Senior Project Manager

Years with Keller Associates: Over 10 years.

Out of the office: I enjoy spending time with my family, waterskiing, wakeboarding, watching sports, playing sports, working outside (including visiting my parents’ farm), and serving others. I like history and non-fiction books, but would rather just watch the movie when it comes to fiction.

Fun facts: My first date with my wife was a prank. Somehow, she still went on a second date with me. Also, I learned to drive on the farm around age 5. I had to look between the steering wheel and dashboard to see the road.

Work history and expertise: Managing water and wastewater projects, especially those involving treatment.

Julie Shiflett - Board Member

Out of the office: Any live music — especially outdoors. Actually, anything outdoors — hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, wine tasting and Washington State University football!!

Fun facts: I’m an accountant, which I decided to be at the ripe old age of nine; fun facts for me all involve numbers. I have always been enthusiastic about and motivated by the job and the places it has taken me.

Work history and expertise: Started my career doing bookkeeping for a family business. My background is in a number of industries as a CFO and also as a board member. I went back to college for a Masters in Technology Management and Organizational Development to expand my knowledge beyond finance.