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We’re connected to the places where we live and work. After five, you’re likely to find Angela, a Project Manager at Keller, cycling around town.


We take a holistic approach to work. That might sound a little bit abstract, but we mean it in the truest sense: You can’t be happy at work if you aren’t happy at home. That’s why we’ve created a workplace that puts a premium on helping people thrive in their careers and in their personal lives. Because when you retire from here — and we hope you stay with us until you do — we want you to look back and feel proud.


  • Nimble


    We’re not rigid in our thinking or our approach. Why limit the possibilities?

    We’re nimble because we’re open – open to new ideas, different approaches, and different opinions. ‘Open-door policy’ is an understatement at Keller. And you never hear, ‘Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.’

    — Janell G., Accounting


    Janell making sure everyone is clear on Keller’s open-door policy while visiting a salon in Emmett.

    Working with a team of passionate, creative people allows us to successfully tackle any project. Plus, we get to have a lot of fun doing it!

    — Jason K., Project Manager


    Jason (second from left) takes a break from the office with Keller employees Emily, Michael, and Michael’s wife, Lauren, at Keller’s Young Engineers Summit in McCall.

  • Connected


    We’re proud of our roots, our connections, and our work. Our beginnings taught us that every relationship is valuable and deserves to be cultivated and cared for.

    I have worked with the City of Mountain Home for 19 years. Our connection, countless relationships, and meaningful projects have really helped the community, and that makes me smile. I’m not just an engineer, I’m improving lives.

    — James B., Principal

    “Growing up in Wyoming, I learned the value of hard work and doing things the right way. With Keller Associates, I’ve been able to put these principles into practice helping small western communities improve their water and sewer systems. Serving is how I stay connected.”

    — Bryan P., Project Manager


    Bryan, out in the field, performing a plan-in-hand walk through.

    I have worked with James Bledsoe and Keller Associates for over 15 years as a Councilman and now as Director of Public Works.  They make sure the best interests of the City of Mountain Home are always at the top of their list on any project tasked to them.  True professionals.

    — Richard Urquidi, Director of Public Works,
    City of Mountain Home, Idaho

    Every community is unique in its values and leadership. Successful connections take that into consideration and have a positive impact, not only the community as a whole, but also on individual lifestyles. As a 28-year resident of the Emmett Valley and a Keller team member, I get to experience both sides of our connection. I know first-hand that Keller gets it right!

    — Janell G., Accounting


    Janell shows off her hometown at the edge of the city limits.

  • Principled


    Would it make mom proud? If not, we don’t do it.

    Life is pretty simple if you live by this rule. I like the unregulated and empowered philosophy at Keller Associates. I’m far, far from perfect, but I do strive for excellence, and do want to make Mom proud.

    — Rod L., CEO


    Rod and the mom who taught him well, Jean.

  • Unfussy


    We’re not slackers, but we also don’t stand on ceremony. We’ll take a can-do attitude over a big title any day.

    Work is enjoyable when everyone leaves their egos at the door. Regardless of title, we all pitch in. Plus, I get to drive my career with excellent mentorship.

    — Jason K., Project Manager


    Jason conquering mountains with his wife, Liz.

  • Conscientious


    We’re careful with our projects and our people. We don’t burn bridges and we don’t burn out employees.

    A large part of life is spent at work. I strive to work on projects with clients and team members that improve community. I also stay very active outside of work. We know when to buckle down and when to seek balance, focusing on other interests and enjoying life.

    — Peter O., Salem Office Manager/Project Manager


    Peter having a bit too much fun at a wedding.

    “Keller’s culture puts an emphasis on finding balance in life. Individuals are encouraged to excel personally and professionally without having to sacrifice one or the other. Serving as president of the Panhandle Bass Anglers is one of the many hobbies that I enjoy outside of work.”

    — Kyle M., Coeur d’Alene Officer Manager/Project Manager


    Kyle’s personal best — a Smallmouth Bass caught on Dworshak Reservoir weighing in at 7.03 lbs.


  • Diverse


    We seek diversity in our projects and in our people. Diversity gives us the tools — and mindset — we need to tackle anything.

    I want the best ideas and best solutions, and those come from people of different backgrounds and experiences. Everyone is welcome here at Keller Associates.”

    — Larry R., President

  • Balanced


    We want our people to grow both at work and in life. We realize happiness doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

    I love coming to work. It feels good to be part of a committed team — it’s similar to the time I spend with my family or pursuing my unique hobbies. I’m happy to be a part of Keller.

    — Marvin F., Project Manager


    Marvin with his non-work family atop Menan Butte.

  • Collaborative


    Our team may be spread out across cities and states, but our teamwork doesn’t recognize boundaries.

    When I started the Clarkston office in 2012 as a one-person show, I relied heavily on other offices and talent for support. Luckily, our culture fosters collaboration — and my expectations were exceeded. That spirit persists today as we grow and share work.

    — Stillman N., Clarkston Office Manager/Project Manager


    Every fall I officiate high school football games, and it takes teamwork to do our jobs right. (Stillman, second from left)

  • Human


    Acts of kindness are encouraged. That’s how we roll. We look to serve, volunteer and help out wherever we can – be human.

    I help others and volunteer several times a month. It’s just part of my life. It’s like Booker T. Washington said: ‘If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.’

    — Crystal W., Proposal Coordinator


    Crystal (left) having a blast giving back on Red Nose Day.

    “With encouragement from Keller Associates, my family of ten made an unforgettable trip to Puerto Rico following the devastating hurricane.  While there, we had the opportunity to visit communities that were affected by the hurricane and share our love and support. What a great experience, connecting with some of the amazing people in Puerto Rico!”

    Justin W., Project Manager