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Add Location: Donnelly, Idaho

North Lake, MBR Treatment Plant

Challenged by explosive growth and the creation of a new resort community (Tamarack), the North Lake Recreational Sewer and Water District worked closely with Keller Associates in developing a treatment system that would meet the growing needs of a pristine recreational area. Cost: $15,700,000 Services Provided: Keller Associates completed the quick-paced master planning and design …

Tamarack, Potable and Irrigation Water System

Tamarack Resort is located on the West Mountain side of Lake Cascade near Donnelly, Idaho and varies in elevation from 4,840 to 5,280 feet. The ski hill continues up to an elevation of 7,640 feet. This elevation change required a unique five-pressure zone water system.  The five-story resort condominium building required water delivery pressure of …